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College Park, MD 20740

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 Cocoa Queens was founded after learning about the breast cancer mortality rate and how it disproportionately affects African American women more than any other racial or ethnic group. In efforts to decrease the breast cancer mortlity rate for African American women, Cocoa Queens was founded as a social enterprise seeking to promote awareness of breast health in the population of African American women by using hair care and extensions as a platform for exposure of breast health information. The core of Cocoa Queens is increasing access, access to affordable quality hair and hair care products and access to health information and resources. The quotation, “Black women are made of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and gold and the strength ten thousand moons” fuels our companies belief that black women are beautiful, black women are strong and nothing can keep black women down. The company Cocoa Queens hopes to inspire and uplift the beautiful community of African American women.

Black women are made out of brown sugar, honey, cocoa, and gold.
And the strength of ten thousand moons.
— Unknown

Hair Care for Self Care